Cross Platform Compatible

Access your personalized real Windows 7 Desktop from any device: PC, MAC, Smartphones, iPad, iPhone, Android based devices or Kindle.

Work at Home or Office

Access the same desktop from home that you access at office or vice versa. A unified work environment with all your software and documents readily available, no matter where you are.

Fully Licensed & Hassle-free

Access full featured, fully licensed desktops that are maintenance free. Our team takes care of updates and maintenance to ensure security and stability. Best part? You don't need to own Windows license(s), its' all inclusive.

Rent Software, Save Cost

Choose from a set of available freeware or use paid one's such as Microsoft office or other business/productivity software without paying the full license fee. Just rent them out for a small monthly fee.

Our Partners
Our Partners


Cost Effective

Our prices are guaranteed lowest in the market, thanks to our volume, we happily pass on the discounts to you.

Multiple Geo-locations

Our service is offered from multiple datacenters in the US and Europe. Choose the one nearest to you and enjoy faster speed, lower latency.

Proven Technology

We've partnered with the industry leaders to leverage their experience and technologies to deliver top notch service from a world class platform.

Real 24/7 support

To complement our service, we have our own in-house staff available 24/7 to assist with your queries.

Supercharged VoIP and Streaming

VoIP, media streaming and collaboration works super fast even on low speed connections! Thanks to our partnership with Citrix, we employ their proprietary HDX technology on our platform.

Go Green!

We can provide the cloud desktop solution on infrastructure powered by green energy to lower your carbon footprint.

iVDI Quick Start

You can get started with iVDI in three easy steps!
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Words from Our Clients

Carl Aaron
Carl Aaron
Game Artist
This is awesome! I can access my Windows Desktop on my mobile devices and the streaming is seamless.. this is the best virtual desktop solution.
Albert Curt
Senior Developer
I always liked the entire concept of Virtual Desktop! iVDI has brought this "once enterprise only technology" to personal users like me! I can now access my windows desktop anywhere, everywhere!